Our Strategic Vision

Forward Focus - Our Strategic Vision

  • Build large network of independent offices of USPICC within US and globally
  • Develop USPICC into a most influential sustainable business organization
  • Build USPICC platform into a central digital resource hub which will provide real value to various stakeholders
  • Strengthen USPICC’s key mission of trade promotion. Build strong performing teams dedicated to organizing in-person and virtual trade shows / exhibitions of US and Pakistani products on regular basis
  • Establish Councils which will focus on economy, agriculture, international trade, finance & investments, US-Pakistan strategic partnership, human capital development, academia, public policy, etc. Each Council will consist of professionals and industry leaders and it will be responsible for producing studies and detail reports on the subject matter
  • Establish mutually beneficial strategic relationship / alliances with various organizations, government agencies and institutions based in the US, Pakistan and around the globe
  • Establish Centers of Excellence on International Trade, Technology & Innovation, Small Business, Youth Development, and Women Entrepreneurship
  • Establish Annual Entrepreneurship Award and Best in Business Awards
  • Establish Scholarship Fund for High School, College and Graduate Students
  • Establish USPICC University which will develop and administer industry training / certificates programs focused on international trade, up-skilling workforce, and investments
  • Establish USPICC Foundation which will serve as the collaboration hub between scholars, a venue to present papers, case studies competitions, data collection on socio-economic developments , and publishing arm of the USPICC”

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